TIX123 offers dozens of online and integrated reports to satisfy all your financial, consumer, marketing and statistical needs. Reports can be exported into Excel, CSV and PDF Formats. A mobile responsive site with our most popular reports is available for all your onsite needs.

​Reports Overview:

Ticket Sales

  • Total, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, Summary, Extended

Customer Details

  • Lists, Referrals, Discount/Promo Use

Traffic Flow

  • Summary/Detailed, Hourly, Half-Hour, 15 Minutes, By Location, Graphs

Financial and Accounting

  • Daily Payments Reports, Breakdown By Type, Banking Reconciliation

Demographic Analysis

  • Answers Summary, Explorer, All Data, By City, US County, Google Maps

Ticket Reports

  • Purchases, Statistics, Redemption (Day, Hour, 1/2 Hour), Non-Redeemed, Voided 

Coupon and Promo Code

  • Coupon Usage (includes third-party), Discounts Used, Daily, Sales By Code

Historical Comparisons

  • Comparative, Repeat Customers, First-Timers.

Redemption Statistics

  • Summary/Detail, Traffic Flow, Purchases, Redeemed, Non-Redeemed, Voided, Daily, Hourly

Third-Party Tracking

  • Show Summary, Daily, Hourly, Coupon Sets Summary, De-Duped Data, Unmatched