• iOS and Android Apps - FREE 
    Download our scanning app directly to your own phone or tablet. This app has all the functionality you need to validate entry including the scanning of 3rd party tickets. Our “Search & Redeem” feature allows you to look up tickets and redeem directly on the device. Fast, Simple and FREE.

  • Handheld 3G/LTE/WIFI Battery Operated Scanners - Additional Fee
    These Android-based handheld scanners include all the features of our app above plus an imaging scan head for FASTER scanning. Our dual-pack batteries last up to 24 hours per charge. The unit connects to the Internet via WIFI or 3G/LTE (USA and Canada). Data services are INCLUDED in the rental price.

  • Rental Cost: $250 for 2 Units, $150 for each additional unit. S&H Extra. Also available for purchase.
    Note: If TIX123 is onsite supplying Box Office services for your event, these units are included at no additional fee.​